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Branding Manea Brutarul

Logo Design

Manea Brutarul was an important figure in the history of Romanian bread. The branding Manea Brutarul project is a tribute to the head of the bakers in the 18th century, a good and generous man.

The Manea Brutarul brand continues the success story that began more than 200 years ago.

The visual symbol

The visual symbol is a modern interpretation of Manea's portrait. The brand identity is modern and strong, making references to the Fanariot period from which Manea Brutarul comes. The typeface is consistent, legible, and stylistically close to the illustration. We wanted to mention, discreetly, the type of font used for the writing of the church founded by Manea.

Package Design

The packaging design communicates the brand's values: a clean product, made with care for people. The ingredients are few, natural, and of high quality. The Manea Brutarul bread range was created to communicate the value of the products and to stand out on the shelf.

Online Branding Manea Brutarul

The website presents the product portfolio in a professional and well-structured way. We created a contemporary website design. Thus lovers of quality bakeries will be able to inform themselves about the benefits that the products offer.

Branding & Package Design

The Clean Recipe

The Manea Brutarul bread recipe uses only pure ingredients: water, flour, and salt. The bread is made with natural yeast, without additives or preservatives, ensuring easy digestion and an authentic taste. Wholemeal flour and natural salt add nutritional value. This is a healthy option for those who want to eat higher-quality bread.

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