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The Yajima Couture brand means emotion first and foremost. The visual identity for a cosmopolite fashion brand. A collection of costumes inspired by European and Asian cultures.

Expressed by clothing design, a combination of 2 different worlds, with elements of Romanian folklore and traditional Japanese accents. The eccentric gives way to simplicity, and the result is pure emotion - pieces of clothing that give you the freedom to be feminine.

Maria Yajima is a perfectionist creator, that's why she is involved in all stages of making an outfit. From concept sketches, to choosing materials, to making patterns or to tailoring. Thus, Yajima Couture outfits have a special value, feeling the talent, passion and attention for every detail.

The brand combines elements of Japanese tradition with European style. Creating a unique and sophisticated fashion line. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Japanese aesthetics as well as European elegance, the Yajima brand brings these two cultures together to create modern and versatile clothing and accessories.

The design is focused on detail, and each piece is crafted with attention to quality and functionality. The materials are carefully chosen and the cut line is carefully optimized to suit a wide spectrum of shapes and styles. The Yajima brand also focuses on developing classic and modern designs that are enriched with details inspired by Japanese tradition, such as stripes and fine cuts.

The brand is aimed at consumers who appreciate sophisticated and innovative style. Who want to invest in quality clothing and accessories that are timeless and suitable for different contexts. Yajima focuses on creating high quality products that are crafted with attention to detail and provide a comfortable wearing experience.

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