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Cita Snacks

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Visual Identity Cita Snacks

The story of Cita Snacks began, like all good stories, with a monkey who wanted to be an aviator. Translated into marketing language, we started from the need found in the market to have a product for breakfast, both healthy and well made from the point of view of branding.

This is a brand that Logo Bigger developed without having a brief from a manufacturer. We started from the empirical observation: a certain type of product is missing from the market. And we built the brand, exactly as we wanted.

The illustration of the character Cita was created by the artist and illustrator Mihai Țenovici. We wanted to represent a character that wants to evolve, so we illustrated a monkey with a helmet and aviator glasses.

Ambitious communication

Video promotion must be relevant to the product's audience: teenagers. Thus, the monkey Cita, aims to unite the two seemingly distant worlds, that of girls and that of boys. We shot the spot in a playground and collaborated with young actors and skaters.

The video shows an everyday scene in the life of some nice young people. They initially live in two separate worlds. The world of girls and the world of boys. Thanks to Cita Snacks, the two worlds come together and young people have the opportunity to discuss and appreciate the product.

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