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Donate Oxygen!

Donate Oxygen campaign!

Donate Oxygen is a Prisum Romania initiative, which invites companies to donate a fraction of the cost of the products they sell to Agent Green. Non-governmental organizations actively fighting for the protection of forests and the afforestation of deforested areas. We created a logo that, positioned on the packaging of the products participating in the campaign, certifies that part of the company's profit goes to support the NGO Agent Green.

The virgin forests

Forests play a vital role in people's lives, providing ecological as well as economic and social benefits. They contribute to the ecological balance of the planet, helping to purify air and water, stabilize soil and preserve biodiversity. Forests are also an important source of food, medicine, and materials for people.

In addition, forests are vital to the global economy, providing resources such as wood, paper, and chemicals. They also provide jobs in the forestry and tourism industries.

Romania's virgin forests are particularly valuable, as they are the oldest and best-preserved ecosystems in the country. It is important that they are protected to provide people with the benefits they provide. Also to conserve the biodiversity and natural heritage of our country. By supporting the campaign to protect virgin forests in Romania, Prisum contributes to the preservation of these important ecosystems for the future of humanity.

Video Donate Oxygen!

The video shows wild animals in their natural habitat. The eagle spreads its wings majestically and the brown bear walks through the forest. These scenes remind us how important virgin forests are to the lives of these animals and how important they are to us humans because they provide us with the oxygen we need to live.

By supporting the campaign to protect virgin forests in Romania, we ensure that these animals and their ecosystems will be protected for future generations.

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