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I choose Romania

I choose Romania is a brand activation for MemoPlus, the leading supplements for students in Romania. Romania is one of the most European countries affected by migration. Many of our students decide to leave our country and start a new life abroad.

Follow your people

The project targets primarily young people - which we encourage to surpass their academic performances and apply their knowledge here in Romania. Their parents were targeted as a secondary group to support their children to fulfill their dreams. Our Brand Activation puts together successful Romanians from many different fields, from academics to marketing executives, from physicians to great musicians.

I choose Romania

The identity of an ambitious project

We believe in Romania and we believe that it is also possible in our country. That's why we looked for successful Romanians with indisputable performances and offers abroad, but who preferred to return here and change for the better the country in which they were born. I united all their stories under one name: I succeed anywhere, I choose Romania!

I choose Romania

I can succeed anywhere, I choose Romania!

The emigration of intelligent young people from Romania is a worrying phenomenon, which negatively affects the country's economy. Highly educated young people are leaving in search of better opportunities abroad, leaving behind a skills and experience gap.

The project is aimed at young people whom we encourage to return to Romania and apply their knowledge here. "I succeed anywhere, I choose Romania" is a MemoPlus project that brought together successful Romanians from several fields, from the academic environment, to marketing directors, to established doctors or musicians.

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