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Melissimo Shake me!

Fresh Package Design

The main challenge was to promote the new product Melissimo Shake me! The first of its kind in Romania. A natural juice, made from only three ingredients that once combined, give you a boost of vitamin C and essential minerals. 

Melissimo Shake Me

Selling Melissimo Shake me - a premium product

And how do you sell something at a premium price to a customer who has never heard of it before? Focusing on the benefits, of course! Melissimo is a natural drink, made from only three ingredients. The result is exemplary branding and an adorable bottle that steals all the spotlight.

Smart line extension for Melissimo Shake me!

Melissimo was born as an answer to the question "How do we sell honey but differently?" Because, you see, the client was already successful with a brand of honey (Melarium) but that was not enough.

Melissimo Package

A juice with attitude

How do you sell something to a customer who is already bombarded with dozens of brands and logos every day, all presenting themselves as healthy, sugar-free, 100% natural… you got the idea. It was pretty easy once we got the hang of it.

We hardly promote the benefits: it's a juice with attitude. No bullshit, no compromise. It has no preservatives to prolong its life and we used this as a reason to believe - it lives a little but it's all natural, baby.

We took the label as a selling tool, so we wanted to create something that would attract your attention. Something that will make you want to read this label and buy the product. The color of the juice itself was a great source of inspiration and a great marketing tool.

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