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Stăpâna Casei (Mistress of the House)

Mistress of the House. Branding & Package Design

illustration Stăpâna Casei

Stapana Casei is a bakery and confectionery brand dedicated to lovers of traditional products. The visual identity is built around the archetype of a woman who puts her soul on the line for the good of her family. The color range is warm and natural. The chosen font is legible and consistent.

logo design Stapana casei

The identity of this brand is a tribute to women who dedicate themselves to their families. Strong and beautiful women. Women who take care of those in the house. The Mistress of the House is the woman on whom the whole family relies. She succeeds through passion and intelligence to make things move forward.

The packaging for Stăpâna Casai bread communicates emotion and sensitivity. The landscape captures the center of the world for a family, the home. The house is in the middle of nature, in front is drawn a path that passes through a golden field of wheat, On the left and right are illustrated a mill and a small church. The clear sky shows the protective sun and fluffy clouds.

package design
package design
package design
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