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Napoca Waffles

Package Design for Napoca Waffles

package design napoca

Napoca Waffles is a much-loved brand in Romania. Most adults fondly recall moments of indulgence with wafer ice cream.

The graphics for the new packaging pay homage to the familiar identity we were accustomed to when we were young.

Napoca cacao

The history of ice cream dates back to ancient times when kings in China and Persia would obtain ice cream by mixing ice with fruits and syrup.

In the 17th century, ice cream made its way to Europe through ambassadors who visited the Middle East. Here, the dessert was popularized in royal courts and became a symbol of wealth and luxury.

In the 19th century, ice cream became accessible to the general public, and the first special machines for ice cream production were introduced.

According to, in the Romanian Principalities, this culinary delight was tasted for the first time at the court of Constantin Brâncoveanu. The ruler, whose habits rivaled those of the most sophisticated Renaissance courts, even had an icehouse dug into the ground and a servant who ensured that there were always sorbets, water, fruits, wine, ice creams, and thick syrups for princely feasts.

Around 1810, the British Consul in Bucharest, W. Wilkinson, noted in his daily entries:

"To the north of the city, there is a place called 'Heleșteu,' a lake about a mile away from the city (…) where there is a cafe where you can buy ice cream and other refreshments.

Napoca cacao & vanilie

Napoca Waffles Ice Cream, with its wafer assortment, is a timeless product. Its flavors are those of childhood: cocoa and vanilla. We wanted to convey the simple joy of childhood through the packaging.

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