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Rebranding & Package Design

Fraher company continues its path towards a natural development and presents to the world the latest achievement: Pieptosu ’, a brand with a look as fresh as the products of its categories.

Transforming a necessity into a pleasure

With a modern design that delights your eyes through a color range dominated by warm shades, Pieptosu ’uses, in addition to the humorous note of the brand name, a strategy focused on the consumer's needs.

The brand places its differentiating element in the choice to transform a necessity into a real pleasure, felt only by gastronomy enthusiasts.

Passion for cooking

In addition to the values of the Fraher company and the freshness already associated as the main attribute of its products, the adoption of the new identity speaks about the passion for cooking.

The marketing mix

The communication mix of the new identity and the new packaging includes signaling through POSMs made in an innovative style that announces the diversity of products, the creation of the presentation site, online and social media communication, as well as promotion through - a radio spot in Tulcea county and local magazines.

activare brand pieptosu

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