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Zarz logo design

Introducing Zarz, the vegetable expert

Now Zarz is a European registered trademark. The short and easy to pronounce name in several languages is a big advantage. The brief asked to build a fresh brand for those who want to cook healthy at home. A growing category of young people are drawn to cooking. Competitions are organized and cooking courses are held. Cooking is no longer perceived as an obligation. More and more people associate cooking with passion and socializing.

Zarz Visual Symbol

The rabbit is recognized by everyone as the vegetable expert, that's why we chose him as the visual representative of the Zarz brand. The rabbit is an ideal symbol for a business that sells vegetables. It represents health, naturalness and freshness, all characteristics associated with fresh products. Also, the rabbit is a beloved and harmless animal, which can increase the appeal of the brand in the eyes of consumers.

The Chromatic

Vibrant and attractive colors are essential for effective packaging design. Especially for such a competitive category as food. The eye-catching color will draw consumers' attention in a store full of options, making them more likely to consider the Zarz product while shopping.

The use of bright colors suggests that the products are fresh and healthy. They will also create an association with nature, which is beneficial for a business that focuses on natural or organic products.

Strong colors help increase brand recognition and help consumers identify Zarz products more easily in-store.

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