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Logo Types

See the most used 5 logo types. The logotype represents a visual identification element of a company.
The logo communicates the company name and can work independently or in conjunction with a visual symbol.

Types of Logos

1. Letter Logos

The logo is based on the body of the letter.
It is usually used to represent the initials of a company.
This type of logo uses the symbolic value of letter characters to convey a message.

logo types - typo

2. The word logo

It is a logotype that focuses on the company name and conveys a message through the typeface used.

logo types - word

3. The Mascot logo

The mascot is a character that becomes the spokesperson of a brand.
Mascots are generally appreciated by very young audiences or children.

mascot logo type

4. Emblem logo

Emblem is a visual symbol obtained by composing a text into a visual symbol.
The emblems are descendants of the old coats of arms. They are logotypes that refer to a tradition or heritage.

logo types - emblem

5. The combined logo

It is a logotype combined with a visual symbol. It communicates a company name and makes a visual association with an icon.

Combined logos are informationally complex and versatile in use. Visual symbols can represent a reality and we call them figurative, or they can communicate a state and then we will put them in the abstract category.

6. The symbolic logo

The logo works without any other supporting text. It is a visual symbol that is associated with a brand. This icon will communicate a story in a very short time.

This type of logotype is feasible in cases of brands with very high exposure. It is also a solution to the anti-brand reaction of the younger generation who do not want to be explicitly associated with a commercial symbol.

The visual identity

To be unitary, easily identifiable, and visually coherent, a brand needs rules for using communication elements.

Thus a respectable brand will develop an identity manual in which it will regulate the way it communicates with its consumers.

This manual will specify:

  • Rules for using the logotype and slogan. Minimum dimensions, allowed background type, allowed combinations between visual identity elements
  • Color codes and rules for their use
  • The letter characters used for different mediums of communication
  • Templates for different communication media
  • Rules for using various helpful elements: illustrations, icons, photos, etc.
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