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The Naming Process.

Choosing a company name is like choosing a name for a child, an important decision that everyone wants to be a part of.

It is that kind of decision that contributes to the success of a business. You want to go with a good name to help you grow. I can tell you from my own experience that a good name opens doors and can be helpful in a meeting. Many times we broke the ice by discussing our name. Bigger logo.

A startup entrepreneur is like a tightrope walker. He has a lot of things to organize and not a lot of resources or experience. Most of the time an entrepreneur is pressed for time, which makes his choices even more difficult to make.

In this text, I will present you with some very specific information that you must take into account when choosing the name of your business or products.

Always research Study the category of products or services in which you will be active. Some categories are very competitive, such as food or beverage. Others are freer. If you are going to open a petroleum products trading company, it will be easier to find a good and available name.

Understand your audience. The people you will interact with have a certain degree of linguistic culture and associate certain expressions with the products or services. For example, a drug or dietary supplement is expected to have a name that encapsulates the product's medical research or natural ingredients. An IT company that offers online services will focus more on the speed of operation and the technology it uses. That is why it is important to determine from the beginning which territory you will play with your business.

Local or International Naming Process

Decide whether you want to build a local or an international brand. For a guesthouse in Bran, you don't need an international brand, but if you want to scale your business and you will expand in the next 2-3 years, I recommend that you think, from the beginning, of a name that sounds good in Romania as well and in Poland or UK.

Depending on this criterion, trademarks can be registered either with OSIM or with OHIM. The costs for registering a Romanian trademark per class are approximately 400 euros, and for registering a European trademark per class they are 850 euros. We are only talking about the fees charged by these offices. No creation costs, name availability research, or registration with the help of a law firm.

It is interesting that most of the good names were created in individual work sessions of the creators and not in brainstorming sessions. It's probably an area where strategy and focus matter more and spontaneity less.

Arm yourself with patience

Depending on how competitive your product or service category is, building a good name can take anywhere from 3 to 10 weeks. At the end of this period, you will receive from the branding agency a concept and an effective list of names.

It's not yet time to get attached to any of the options. Even if you really like a name and would like to move on to the logotype or website. Next is checking the availability of name registration.

Brands are organized into product and service classes, see the Nice classification. Attention, no one can guarantee that once the trademark registration process has started, you will not face opposition from companies that feel harmed by the name you want to use. I suffered it. It's unpleasant because you waste a lot of time and money. The OSIM or OHIM verification and the registration fee are not refundable even if the trademark registration process stops…

That is why I recommend that you contact a law firm specializing in intellectual property.

Registration cost estimates

The costs for researching the availability of registration of a trademark are between 300 and 500 euros. It is safer to pay this fee and get a referral from the law firm. Register or search again.

The costs charged by a law firm to register a local trademark, on a single class, are between 350 and 500 euros, and the costs of registering a Community or European trademark on a single class are between 500 and 800 euros.

The time of verification and registration of a local trademark is approximately 3 months, and for a European trademark is 4 - 5 months from the date of application. So you have to be patient to stay 100% calm. In my experience, an entrepreneur cannot wait 4 months and take a risk, starting to communicate with a name that is in the process of registration.

In conclusion Choosing a name is a complex project involving strategy, creativity, and legal. Here, at Logo Bigger, we have gone through many naming projects. We have christened many businesses and have experience in name creation and trademark registration. Complete the form with the details of your project and us

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