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Articles on branding strategy, naming, logo design, packaging creation, or web design. A blog with useful information for those who implement branding and communication projects.
design ambalaj

Packaging Design. A sales tool

This text is for those who make good products and want to compete, on the shelf, with the most famous…

Types of brands

We make an inventory of the most important types of brands: Personal BrandIt is the image that a public figure…
brand construction

7 Steps in Building a Brand

The 7 Steps in Building a Brand. I will provide a brief overview of the journey a brand takes from…
logo design

Logo Types

See the most used 5 logo types. The logotype represents a visual identification element of a company.The logo communicates the…
logo trends

Logo Design Trends

5 important logo design trends we collected for you. A special year has just ended and part of our lives…
branding process

How to start the branding process

Start the branding process with the right approach. I wrote this text for entrepreneurs who are just starting out their…
brand naming

The Naming Process.

Choosing a company name is like choosing a name for a child, an important decision that everyone wants to be…
marca inregistrata

Why do trademarks exist?

The first signs that marked the ownership of goods date back to the Ancient era. Artisans signed their objects to…

Rebranding or Refreshing

Rebranding is a process by which an organization or a product updates or changes its image. 5 situations in which…
nume brand

Choose a good name for your business!

A good name must meet at least 3 conditions: Your company name must be memorable Make the name speak the…
best branding agency

When do you need a branding agency?

When you need a name to become a trademark. When you want a professional visual identity These are the main…
brand naming

7 Brand Names Types

The most used seven brand names typologies: 1. Names of the Founders Patronymic names are those inspired by the names…
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