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How to start the branding process

Start the branding process with the right approach.

I wrote this text for entrepreneurs who are just starting out their branding process.

Let's clear things up:

1. The Brand Name

The name is the verbal identity of a product or service. It's how customers will refer to you, it's the equivalent of your own name. Nike, Dorna, and Xerox were just early names on the list.

Ideally is to have a short name that is easy to pronounce, relevant to customers, has a story in it, has recognition, has a history, and enjoys a positive previous perception. A kind of Ianis Hagi applied to products or services.

2. The Trademark

Trademarks are names protected at the national or international level. All possible products and services are grouped into 45 classes. You will surely find one for your business. See Nice classes

Having a registered trademark gives you the assurance that you will be able to market products and services without a competitor using the same name as yours. Imagine that you work hard and manage to have a quality product, appreciated by clients, but your name is not registered and one day a product with the same name appears on the market.

Everything you've built so far can go down the drain because you haven't legally protected a name. In fact, it is about protecting an entire business.

3. The web domain

It is the name of your presentation site. It ends in .com, eu, ro, org, biz, etc.

Here you can check the availability to purchase the web domain:

The perfect choice is to have the web domain described by the brand name. This way you will be found more easily in organic searches and you will have more traffic to the site from those who know your name and are looking for you online.

How should I start the branding: Web name, brand, or domain?

My recommendation is to start the branding process with a good name. This is the most effective tool to grow a brand and communicate effectively with customers.

Use a briefing tool

In a branding agency, the first step is filling in a brief. A document that structures the essential information of a project.

A brief answer to the following questions:

  • What is my business model?
  • Who are my clients?
  • What is the competition and how do I differentiate myself from it
  • What is my positioning / how I want to be perceived by customers

Start by answering these questions. They will help you clarify your ideas and find a good name for your business.

There are several approaches when looking for a good name. In the first phase, you will most likely have a long list of all kinds of options.

Cut impersonal, generic, or hard-to-pronounce names from the list. For inspiration, see types of names. The advice of those around you can also help you. Ask the opinion, as a priority, of those who are in your target group. You'll be left with a much shorter list.

Trademarks availability check

The next filter is checking the availability of registration as a trademark of the name. We recommend that you contact a company that specialized in intellectual property. They will do research on your names and give you a report of similar names and a recommendation on whether or not to go ahead with the registration process.

Trademarks can be registered locally or internationally. Costs with taxes are around 400 euros for local brands and around 1,000 euros for European brands. The price differs by the number of classes for which you want to protect the mark. Lawyers' fees are also added.

In parallel with this process of creation and legal verification, you should also look for the availability to buy a web domain. The domain name will appear in the communication of your business, on all materials, and if you have an online business it is even more important. It is ideal to have a domain name that is easy to remember and associate with your business. What can you do if the name you chose is not available as a www. domain? One solution is to add the scope to the end.

For example, if you open a cafe, which you want to call Neata, and the domain is taken, you can try the following options:


I resume the work stages:

  1. Find a good name
  2. Check if you can record it. If yes, move on, if not, go back to name creation
  3. Buy your web domain

Lots of inspiration!

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